FAQ Page

Is it worth it to hire a personal injury lawyer?

The short answer is yes. If involved in a minor accident without injuries you may be able to negotiate a fair settlement with the party-at-fault’s insurance on your own. With more serious accidents involving injury it is crucial to have a professional represent your interests. This will offer you the best chance at securing a valuable insurance settlement that accounts for any injuries and other losses connected to the accident. Filing without a lawyer is not advised as a comprehensive understanding of the legal system is essential to file suit.

What kind of cases do Personal Injury Lawyers handle?

Personal Injury Lawyers primarily handle negligence cases. These can include but are not limited to auto accidents, medical malpractice, aviation accidents, childcare negligence, injuries sustained from animals, wrongful death cases and more.

What does a Personal Injury Lawyer do?

A Personal Injury Lawyer helps victims receive compensation for injuries sustained in accidents that were not their fault. If necessary they will prepare to represent you in court by gathering facts & information about your particular incident which will help the court determine how much compensation you are entitled to.

What percentage of your compensation award does a Personal Injury Lawyer receive?

The cost of your Personal Injury representation is generally based off a contingence fee. This fee often means the client agrees to pay no fee if the claim is unsuccessful. On the other hand, if the claim is successful the lawyer takes an agreed upon percentage of your total judgement or compensation award.

What are the 3 types of damages?

The three types of damages found in most civil lawsuits are